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7. Danube Cup hallgatói startup pitch verseny nemzetközi döntő
2023. május 12.

7. Danube Cup hallgatói startup pitch verseny Magyar Döntő
2023. április 19-én


1st Place: Gellit (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Szabolcs Farkas, Márton Mészáros, Nóra Mogyoróssy)
2nd Place: Fit für Immer (University of Regensburg) 
3rd Place: Farm It (Belgrade University) 
4th-8th Place: Aprently (Corvinus University of Budapest, Kristóf Kovács-Szerján, László L. Pethő, Domonkos Patrik-Pirk, Simon Rádai)

A Danube Cup pitch versenyt a BME és a BCE hallgatói számára hoztuk létre 2016-ban. Aztóta nemzetközi versennyé nőttük ki magunkat több fordulóval.

A Danube Cup validált ötletek versenye, tehát nem elég, hogy van egy ötleted. Végezz piackutatást, hogy meggyőződhess az ötleted piaci potenciáljától. 


1. hely: Arterio (Corvinus Egyetem, Horváth Lilla, Horváth Eszter, Torma Szabolcs, Tóth Bálint)
2. hely: Workredible (BME, Kovács Marcell, Gombási Róbert) 
3. hely #1: Aprently (Corvinus Egyetem) 
3. hely #2: Gellit (BME)

Jelentkezési feltételek

Az idei nemzetközi versenyre is lehet jelentkezni, a startup csapatokban legalább egy hallgatónak kell rendelkeznie aktív BME-s vagy BCE-s hallgatói státusszal.

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Danube Cup 2022 Hungarian Final összefoglaló

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Danube Cup 2021 összefoglaló

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Startup Maffia: Benke Hunor beszélget Danyi Pállal, Dehelán Gáborral és Kövesdi Áronnal

Európai szintű, a hallgatói innovációt segítő kezdeményezést hoztunk létre

Danube Cup 2023 Hungarian Final
with SEON and Munch

Call for participation

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest
Date: April 19, 2023, from 5.00 to 8.00 PM

Do you want to be selected for an international university students’ startup competition? Do you want to meet and collaborate with entrepreneurial students, successful entrepreneurs,  investors, managers of startup incubators, accelerators?  Do you have a validated business concept?

Boost your startup project with us! 

We invite all Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest University of Technology and Economics undergraduate, graduate and PhD students to participate in the Danube Cup 2023 Hungarian Finals! 

Main prize: The winners will be nominated as Hungarian participants of the Danube Cup 2023 International Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition. 

Furthermore, an additional prize pool in the gross value of 500.000 forints will also be offered to the best teams, beside professional book package and valuable professional conference tickets.

Main sponsors: 

  • Ifjúsági Vállalkozásélénkítő Egyesület (IVE)
  • Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK)
  • 77Elektronika
  • Tresorit
  • SEON



Competition Eligibility

To be eligible, teams must meet the following requirements:

Validation: We are looking for teams that have already performed validation research for their ideas, at least locally. This event is not an idea competition. The applicants must have started validating the business idea among potential customers, the product must be innovative and enjoy a growth potential independently of local market trends as far as possible.

Team size: Teams must have at least three maximum five total members. Participants can only be a member of one team.

Student teams: Teams may contain non-university member participants. However, the majority of the team members should be registered Corvinus or BME students. A “registered student” is a student who has been accepted into a degree program at Corvinus or BME and is working toward the completion of that degree by taking at least one course in the 2022/23 academic year.

Fresh project: Teams must present an original idea for an enterprise that has not  existed before 2022. Teams must be in a “pre-incubator” form and must not have received financial backing by professional third-party business angels or venture capitalists.

How to Apply?

Interested? We’d love to see you pitch! We request all applicants to submit a short video via our website in English that gives us a sense of who you are and how your solution would be propelling the future of the world. Video submissions should cover the following points in max. 3 minutes:

  • Your startup’s value proposition
  • Problem(s) your product and/or service is solving
  • The validation you have already conducted: process and results: significant insights, surprising, and pivot you decided consequently  
  • Why your startup is a good fit for the Danube Cup 2023 International Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition for University Students along the Danube

Questions may also be sent to:  or


How to Win?

  • Competition Finalists are expected to prepare a presentation showcasing the company’s innovative solution, idea, and/or technology. Finalists will pitch in English.
  • Pitch time will be 3 minutes. At the end of the pitch, the panel of judges will be provided additional time for Q&A.
  • Finalists will be assessed by a panel of judges consisting of acclaimed academics and industry professionals, and the results will be announced at the Award Ceremony & Closing Session on the same day.

What can you win?

The top 4 teams (2 from BCE and 2 from BME) will be nominated as Hungarian participants to compete in the Danube Cup 2023 International Final Pitch Competition that is held for university students along the Danube in May 2023 in Regensburg and Passau (Germany). 

Furthermore, the winning team of the Hungarian Final of 29th April, 2022 will be provided free consultation and training from Hungary’s prominent startup mentors and pitch specialists. 

In addition, the winning teams will also receive useful prizes that will help their startup development. Specific awards will be announced prior to the competition.


Organizing Committee of Hungarian Danube Cup Events in 2023

Pál Danyi

Co-founder and Chairman of Danube Cup, BME

Attila Petheő

Chief Organizer of 2023 Hungarian Danube Cup Pitch Competition, BCE

Danube Cup Co-founder

János Vecsenyi

Co-founder of Danube Cup, BCE, BME

Krisztián Póta

Project Manager, BCE

Tamás Iványi

Booster Training

Loretta Huszák

Chairperson of Danube Cup, BCE 

Steering Committee

Danube Cup as an institution was founded in 2020 by the joint efforts of two Hungarian universities, the Budapest Corvinus University, as well as the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The governance of Danube Cup events are primarily coordinated by the Steering Committee comprised by the selected members of the two universities.

  • András Bethlendi (Vice-Dean, BME, GTK)
  • Pál Danyi (Co-founder, Secretary of SC, BME GTK)
  • Anikó Grad-Gyenge (Vice-Dean, BME GTK)
  • János Vecsenyi (Co-founder, BME-BCE)
  • Loretta Huszák (Chief Organizer, BCE)
  • Lajos György Szabó (Vice-Rector, BCE)
  • Péter Fehér (Vice President, BCE)

Sponsors in 2022

Ifjúsági Vállalkozásélénkítő Egyesület