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DC23 Final

The Danube Cup International Pitch Competition 2023

What is the Danube Cup?

The Danube Cup is an annual International Pitch Competition for students of universities along the Danube. Two Hungarian top universities, Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, founded the competition in 2016. Danube Cup’s mission is to bring start-ups to international success, while bringing together the most motivated university start-ups along the river Danube. This year’s 7th edition is organized by three Bavarian Universities..

The partner network of the Danube Cup 2023 comprises eight universities from four countries:


1st Place
Gellit (Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2nd Place
Fit für Immer (University of Regensburg)

3rd Place
Farm it (University of Belgrade)

What can you expect at Danube Cup 2023?

The Danube Cup is a unique opportunity for early-stage student start-up teams.

  • compete with other student start-up teams on an international level
  • receive professional business advice from experienced start-up mentors and entrepreneurs
  • learn that international market research is a must
  • understand the importance of start-up validation
  • practice pitching in front of a jury
  • make friends with other local and international students
  • get familiar with ecosystem players and widen your social network
  • connect with students from other countries and broaden your network
  • find additional team members with skills currently missing in your team
  • teams at the final competition win a prize
  • the winning team can keep the perpetual Danube Cup trophy for one year

National Pre-Selection

Each partner university individually nominates two student start-up teams to participate in the semi-final. The sixteen teams will be mentored by the respective universities preparing for the semi-finale. To be eligible, teams must meet the following requirements and must be nominated by the delegating universities of the Danube Cup network.

Selection Criteria:
  • Validation: This event is not an idea competition. We are looking for teams that have already performed validation research for their ideas at least locally. This event is not an idea competition, so teams are required to have already performed some market research or gained traction.
  • The applicants must have validated the business idea among potential customers, the product must be innovative and enjoy a growth potential independently of local market trends.
  • Team size: Teams must have at least two, maximum five total members. Participants can only be a member of one team.
  • Student teams may contain non-university member participants. The majority of the members should be composed of registered students and one of them should be studying at Danube Cup partner universities.
  • Availability: the teams must be available to attend the program of Danube Cup 2023 in Bavaria.
  • Teams must be in “pre-seed” and “pre-incubator” stages and must not have received financial backing by professional third-party accelerators, incubators, existing companies or venture capitalists.
  • In summary: Delegated startups should have a validated business concept, are innovative, have growth potential, are in international demand, have already gained some market validation and no external capital has been raised. An existing prototype is not a prerequisite of application.

Four days in Bavaria

9th May 2023 in Passau
  • arrival and hotel check in (afternoon)
  • welcome and get together
  • App-based city ralley “Passau the Entrepreneurial City”
  • Get together and dinner


10th May 2023 in Passau
  • workshop for start-up teams in the morning
  • after lunch break the semi final will take place
    15 teams will pitch and get individual feedback from the  jury.
  • Announcement of Finalists: Eight teams will be selected for the final competition.
  • Networking at dinner
11th May 2023 in Regensburg
  • transfer to Regensburg an hotel check in
  • after the lunch-break: Key Note by Michael Zock “Hinterländer Brauhaus – A somewhat different success story”
  • TechBase: Guided tour
  • dinner
  • Guided city tour of UNESCO World Heritage Regensburg
12th May 2023 in Regensburg
  • preparation phase for finalists
  • individual visit for all participants: Exhibition “Barock in Bayern & Böhmen”
  • after luch break the final pitch competition
    The eight finalist teams will pitch in front of a renowned jury. 
  • announcement of the winner and get together
  • voluntary event in the evening

Jury of Semi-Finale

    • János Vecsenyi (Corvinus University of Budapest)
    • Prof. Ivan Luković PhD (University of Belgrade)
    • Dr. Monika Mügschl-Scharf (University of Regensburg)
    • Monique Schlömmer (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
    • Elisabeth Ulbrich (Johannes Kepler University Linz)
    • Sahaya Kulandaisamy (University of Passau)
    • Wolfgang Voigt (Regensburg University of Applied Sciences)
    • Pal Danyi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

    Jury of Final Pitch Competition

    Ariane Berettyán-Nikandish
    (Jury member from Hungary)

    Ariane Berettyán-Nikandish is the operational lead heading Zenosyne
    Technologies software development company and the startup studio Exi-tech. Her professional experience and oversight span a diverse spectrum of
    business fields, providing her with a well-rounded understanding of
    newly-formed companies. With a career marked by a multicultural journey, Ariane has developed extensive knowledge in navigating the Hungarian, English, and German markets.

    Prof. Ivan Luković, PhD
    (Jury member from Serbia)

    Dr. Ivan Luković is a Full Professor in Information Systems and Databases at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He is also a head of M.Sc. Information Engineering study program. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing information systems and various software products. He is a member of the mentorship program for students’ startups development at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

    Johanna Wiesner
    (Jury member from Austria)

    Johanna Wiesner is Startup Navigation & Operations Manager at Abundance Gate. At Abundance Gate, we are dedicated to helping the best biotech startups in Europe realize their full potential and create positive financial, environmental, and social impact. As an active contributor to the startup ecosystem at Austrian universities, Johanna Wiesner shaped many entrepreneurial activities on a cross-disciplinary level.

    Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Saßmannshausen
    (Jury member from Bavaria)

    Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Saßmannshausen is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Head of the Start-up Centre at OTH Regensburg, Germany. With more than 20 years of experience, he has accompanied numerous start-ups. Since 2014, he has expanded the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Regensburg and developed OTH Regensburg into a leading institution in the field of entrepreneurship.

    Meet the nominated Start-up Teams

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    Gellit, our product, is for farmers who wish to utilize their livestock’s wastestreams (such as manure). For them we offer a fertilizer production infrastructure that transforms animal manure to a quality fertilizer, outperforming traditional chemical fertilizers. An innovative animal-waste derived nutrient formula that improves the water retention capability of soil, while slowly releasing nutrients for the plants. By employing our product one could possibly transform otherwise dead lands into arable soil.

    Workredible is an international startup that aims to fulfill the travel dreams of students and satisfy the workforce demand of companies at the same time. Connecting travel-seeking employees with international employers as a global work agency. Workredible’s uniqueness of short-term work opportunities makes it possible for students to rotate between different places every two weeks.

    Corvinus University of Budapest

    Aprently is a reimagined real estate platform. Our goal is to fully connect international markets and provide security and a streamlined search experience. We create value for tenants, landlords and property managers with innovative smart features.

    Our idea is about a reliable, accurate, and comfortable cuffless continuous blood pressure measuring device alongside a monitoring system that helps clinicians supervise their patients’ blood pressure in a more time- and energy-saving way. The measuring device is a relatively small, wearable band that seamlessly measures a patient’s blood pressure. The measurements happen continuously throughout the day, and the collected data is sent to the monitoring system in real-time, where clinicians and nurses can follow the state of their patients during different states (e.g., sleeping).

    Johannes Kepler University of Linz

    We at Majourny are simplifying the travel planning process for travelers around the world. Users can easily create and share their own itinerary but it is also possible to adapt trips of others or get an automatically generated travel plan based on the user’s interests and created with AI and Google Maps APIs. Moreover, people with similar interests get connected while traveling in the same area and also get encouraged to travel more sustainable due to our sustainability program. Majourny – the easiest way to travel.

    Researchly is an artificial intelligence-based decision augmentation platform that generates new insights from unstructured data, helping companies make data-driven decisions when faced with strategic questions.

    OTH – University of Applied Sciences  Regensburg

    Moneyball Metrics is the idea to think sports in data. With advanced metrics and a winning formula we want to evolve sport scouting to another level. Our goal is to decrease draft mistakes or expensive busts, while reducing scouting costs for sport franchises:

    University of Belgrade

    We create platform for connecting end-consumers with local farmers, so users can have healthy vegetables from their own custom-made garden while farmers have secured placement and 5 times higher income. Users create their garden by choosing favourite vegetables and planting it on our app. We plant the garden they chose on our land, maintain it throughout season and deliver them fresh and healthy vegetables that comes directly from their garden.

    At SignAvatar, we believe that everyone deserves equal access to communication. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary software that uses AI to translate speech into Sign Language, making it easier for the hearing world to communicate with the deaf.

    University of Passau

    We analyze the online public performance of companies. The product is called the 360 Quick Check.

    The Lesson Organizer is a software for teachers that enables the planning and management of high-quality lessons in less time and that provides didactic support.

    University of Regensburg

    With innovative and well-being-promoting video content, Fit Für Immer offers a digital improvement of elderly care. Our solution reduces the workload of nursing staff and is thus an answer to the challenges of elderly care faced in the context of the megatrend of demographic change.

    There is a big discrepancy between willingness to donate and donating, especially among younger people. We want to solve this problem by combining e-sports with charity. With this we create a fun & trivial way to help.


    Vienna University of Economics and Business

    Hoodit is the first Merchandise as a Service provider that works with automated shop systems and ecologically as well as fairly produced products.

    We design support software for psychotherapy to enable therapists to focus on therapy. Our vision is digitised therapy without compromising on the human factor.

    The Finalists

    • Gellit (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

    • Aprently (Corvinus University of Budapest)

    • Researchly (Johannes Kepler University of Linz)

    • Moneyball Metrics (OTH – University of Applied Sciences Regensburg)

    • Farmit (University of Belgrade)

    • Lesson Organizer (University of Passau)

    • Fit für immer (University of Regensburg)

    • Hoodit (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

    Prizes 2023

    1 Place: Danube Cup trophy, cash prize worth 1.000 €, Regensburg Beer Mug

    2 Place: cash prize worth 600 €

    3 Place: cash prize worth 400 €

    Each Finalist: Tickets to Viva Tech Paris 2023

    Each Team: Certificate of Attendence, Regensburg Monopoly

    Organizing Team 2023

    Günther Hribek

    University of Passau
    Head of Department for Research an Technology Transfer

    Helene Schneider

    University of Passau
    Start-up Consultant

    Maria Wilhelm

    University of Passau
    Communication Danube Cup Partner Network

    Nelly Rahimy

    University of Passau
    Communication Start-up Teams

    Prof. Dr. Jean-Patrick Saßmannshausen

    University of Aplied Sciences  Regensburg
    Professor for Entrepreneurship

    Wolfgang Voigt

    University of Aplied Sciences  Regensburg
    Start-up Consultant

    Jutta Gügel

    University of Regensburg
    Head of Department for Research and Technology Transfer

    Petra Riedl

    University of Regensburg
    Start-up Consultant

    Organizing Universities 2023

    University of Passau (UP)

    Owing to its excellent research output, an outstanding study environment and a tight-knit international network of partners, the University of Passau is a highly visible and highly respected academic and research institution in the heart of Europe. Internationally successful high-technology companies and a vibrant start-up scene, coupled with a rich culture and Lower Bavarian traditions make Passau a city with a high quality of life.

    About 12,000 students hailing from more than 100 countries study at our University campus, situated a stone’s throw from the Old Town of Passau. Our students and alumni, too, are engaged in networks that reach far beyond the city limits of Passau. Internationalism has always been a hallmark for the University, as well as an important strategic aim. Our international connections are underpinned by the vibrant partnerships we maintain on a global scale, particularly the cross-border co-operative and research partnerships of our academics.

    As a university, we consider it one of our primary duties to highlight the social relevance of academic research and make new knowledge accessible in order to deliver a significant contribution to the solution of current and future challenges. We provide knowledge that can be used in a social, cultural, legal or economic context, and place a special focus on promoting entrepreneurial activities and making them usable for society. Passau is one of the leading regions in Germany in terms of business start-ups: in recent years, many University of Passau alumni have set up businesses, thus creating numerous jobs in the region.


    Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg)

    Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) has around 11,000 students. 50 practice-oriented bachelor and master degree programs in engineering (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, micro systems engineering, biomedical engineering and mechatronics), mathematics, informatics and information technologies, business studies, design, architecture, health and social studies, physiotherapeutic, international relationship management, politics and cultural studies. OTH Regensburg offers high quality teaching and research. Modern facilities, such as 120 state-of- the-art laboratories and an award-winning library located on an attractive campus provide the basis for successful studies.

    OTH Regensburg’s core areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, energy & mobility, information & communication, life sciences & ethics, production & systems and building & infrastructure, social sciences, human resource management and logistics. A focus in many areas is on sensor technology and digitalization.

    The Faculty of Business Studies provides high quality undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A.) business degree programs. The programs are designed to deliver key business expertise to the students as well as to promote their personal development.

    The start-up center of OTH Regensburg is part of the faculty of Business Studies. It organizes entrepreneurship education, offers advise and coaching to young entrepreneurs from the university, and supports start-ups as well as business successions. With its makerspace and several co-working spaces and offices, it provides technology aid and complex infrastructure for its entrepreneurs. The start-up center at OTH Regensburg helps with networking and applying for funding. In sum, it inspires the entrepreneurial spirit and the entrepreneurial culture at OTH Regensburg. According to national rankings in the field of entrepreneurship, OTH Regensburg is one of Germany’s leading higher education institutes.


    University of Regensburg (UR)

    The University of Regensburg (UR), a relatively young public university which was founded 1962 as a regional university, has developed into the largest university in Eastern Bavaria, an internationally competitive full university with university hospital. The UR, located on a beautiful campus on the southern edge of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Regensburg, ist with its 21,000 students a cosmopolitan, internationally well-connected university, a transnational hub: International degree-seeking and exchange students and researchers from more than 100 countries are enrolled at UR, where a broad spectrum of study programs are offered.

    UR participates in the education program established by the Falling Walls Foundation “Young Entrepreneurs in Science” (YES) and got the certificate “Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus” for its activities to raise the awareness and competence of young academics in the field of knowledge transfer.
    UR runs together with OTH Regensburg and OTH Amberg/Weiden the project “O/HUB – Oberpfalz Start-up HUB” from 2020-2024 to go on to foster the culture of entrepreneurship and to enhance the framework for innovative and fast-growing university-based start-ups.



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