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Welcome to Danube Cup Network, the site of student entrepreneurship


Building the leading network of Higher Education Institutions fostering entrepreneurship for a connected and sustainable Danube region.


Providing an international stage for entrepreneurial- minded students, educators and researchers to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Danube Cup Network

Danube Cup has built an extended partner network of prominent universities over the past years in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Serbia

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Danube Cup Founder
Corvinus University of Budapest
Danube Cup Founder
University of Belgrade
Danube Cup Partner
Johannes Kepler University Linz

Danube Cup Partner

passau university danube cup
University of Passau

Danube Cup Partner

oth regensburg danube cup
Regensburg University of Applied Sciences

Danube Cup Partner

University of Regensburg

Danube Cup Partner

wu vienna university danube cup
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Danube Cup Partner


1st Place: Gellit (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Szabolcs Farkas, Márton Mészáros, Nóra Mogyoróssy)
2nd Place: Fit für Immer (University of Regensburg) 
3rd Place: Farm It (Belgrade University) 

Timetable 2023

Two Major Events in 2023

International Pitch Competition

The 7th Danube Cup competition for student startups from eight universities. The Grand Finale week (9-12 May) will be held at three Bavarian universities: the University of Passau, OTH Regensburg, and the Univeristy of Regensburg.

Danube Cup Conference

The 2nd International Danube Cup Conference on Entrepreneurship Education on "Reasons, Content, Methods, Impact – How to Create a HEI Led Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?" on 24-25 November in Belgrade, Serbia, at the University of Belgrade.

Danube Cup Pitch Competition for Students

Do you want to be challenged with international university startup teams? Do you have a validated business concept? Do you want to meet and collaborate with entrepreneurial students, successful entrepreneurs,  investors, managers of startup incubators, accelerators? Come and…

Throwback to the Danube Cup 2022 – International Pitch Competition. Meet the winners and see all highlights.

International Danube Cup Conference on Entrepreneurship Education (IDC2E2)

The Danube Cup conference, organized by different universities every year, is set to highlight the trends in entrepreneurship & startup education, to share experience and knowledge, and point out applied measures that can also be implemented at other Higher Education institutions. We…

Check the highlights of the Danube Cup Conference of 2022

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